Rainbow Bridge Pendant

925 sterling silver pendant – 6 mm semi-precious round stone (red/garnet – orange/carnelian – yellow/citrine – green/aventurine – blue/aquamarine – indigo/lapislazuli – mauve/amethyst)259


259.00$ CAD


But what exactly are chakras?

A chakra is an energy center, a natural reservoir of energy.  It is a so-called “spiritual” notion of the practice of yoga in the Hindu philosophy and system. The main chakras are 7 in number, they go up along the spine from the coccyx to the top of the head.
Each chakra is linked to an element of nature (water, earth, fire, air), and has its own representation. It is said that when the chakras are balanced, life energy flows freely through your body.
It is recommended to “clean” the energy jewels by exposing them under the light of the full moon or by rinsing them in a mixture of salt water.

The beads of natural semi-precious stones representing the 7 colors of energy chakras which are red garnet, orange carnelian, yellow citrine, green aventurine, aquamarine blue, indigo blue lapislazuli and mauve amethyst.
They can support you during your meditation, yoga, reiki or healing session. An inspiring jewel ideal to offer.


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